Blank Page Or Writer's Block?

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Blank Page Or Writer's Block?

So, I've been trying to think of a topic for this weeks blog. First I was going to give you the story of my husband and I, did you know I was married? How could you, this is only my 3rd blog. Although, I might have mentioned something in my first post, but I honestly don't remember. When it comes to writing, when it's out of my head I tend to just let it go, I'm in the moment sort of speak. I guess it's a good thing, except if I want to recite something out loud, then I'm drawing blanks! But, yeah, anyway I was thinking of writing about my husband and I, how we've been married for 8 years, but haven't seen each other in over 5, but have faith of reuniting! I stopped myself, because  I didn't want to write the "feel sad for us" story again, it would make for a good blog, and it would be transparent. But my head and heart wasn't up to it, (I will eventually). I could have written about what A Love Productions is all about, what it means to me, why you should support it! But I THINK, AGAIN I might have done that a bit in the first blog. But I knew I wanted and had to write something. And as I sit at work, with a blank duty log in front of me, I think "is it a blank canvas, or writer's(creators block)", in deffinately overthink, analyzing when I should just do, what I'm doing now, WRITE! The best things come when you just allow yourself to DO! You might not always come up with the best stuff, but that the beauty. When you allow yourself to GO, DO, BE, you might make crap you might make something life changing! Gary Vee(Vaynerchuk) says just make "it just takes one piece of content". Kenny Loggins was once asked how he comes up with the songs he writes, his answer "I allow myself to write sh&try songs"". Because not everything in life is perfect! The great thing about a blank page, blank canvas, there's endless possibilities and although it can be scary, once you start you can't help but to keep going. And if you don't like it, you can always erase or paint over it! I guess this post is not only about just allowing it to happen, but also about perspective, because if I just keep staring at the blank page/ screen if I just keep thinking about it, I would have chalked it up to writers block, and kept beating myself for not writing anything! But I'M HERE, and I'm writing, might not be my best but I'm writing it, I'm sharing it and it's just more self encouragement for my next creation... A new shirt design or two.... who knows! The Canvas holds endless possibilities!

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