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I Love My Jeep

How can someone love a thing such as a vehicle! I was gifted a Red 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

about 5 years ago, it had just under 100k mileage, radio didn't work, the lining of the ceiling was hanging, but I loved it! It was my first car, given to me by brother it was orginally his father's, who moved to Florida and I was in need of a vehicle and well, I was blessed! For an older vehicle it ran well. Few hicups here and there but nothing I couldn't handle. I'd break the bank I'd had to, to keep my baby running! If I could I'd overhaul completely! My biggest dream is to overhaul her, and get my dream Jeep a 4 door neon green, black hard top Jeep Wrangler, remote starter, adjustable foot bar for my mom(she's older, and a shorty)

 I swear everytime I see this vehicle I light up inside! On my worst day I could see a two door model drive by and still smile! Hell I have a playlist of videos on my YouTube channel dedicated to my love for my Jeeps! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx22OKNdG68dy-xt9Rrbz8o25MyZS8n-p 

I bring all this up because my jeep like my creativity, my cats, my family and friends, it's become part of me and my happiness. And when it's not running right or I can't afford to take care of it, it deeply saddens me. And it's where I find myself right now! My red baby has been struggling the last few months, slow leaking tires, a belt that chirps, jumped at least 6 times in January and now I think the starter went! I want to fix her up so bad! But money is tight, I have so much debt right now that either add to just to get one or 2 things fixed. Or I finally let her go so I can focus on getting out of debt. A blessing and a curse I'm not one to give up or let go easy! I know she can be fixed and my faith tells me, go head fix it! It'll all without! But my logic tells me just let her go! She's done you well, it's time! All I know is I LOVE MY JEEP! 

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